M. Melissa Childers Photography

Just as travel inspires my glass art, experiencing the geography, culture and people of different places inspires my photography, too. Santa Fe, New Mexico; Bali, Indonesia; Tola, Nicaragua and Half Moon Caye, Belize are some of my favorite places. My primary interests in photography are the same subjects that I frequently choose for my glass art and oil paintings—landscapes, seascapes, underwater scenes, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets.

Capturing the light

I have a particular interest in experimenting with ways to capture the many nuances of light. The light can be as important as the subject and turn an average picture into something quite extraordinary. I use a variety of cameras to achieve different objectives. I use underwater cameras for underwater scenes, for example. My best capture of distinctive light and color is achieved with my digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. When traveling from place to place, I frequently take a smaller, more portable digital camera that has a greater zoom capacity and allows me to more easily capture wildlife and other nature scenes from afar.

Sizes and Prices

•  5 X 7         $115
•  8 X 10       $140
•  11 X 14     $165
•  16 X 20     $220

Handling and shipping are included in the price.

If you are interested in the printing of other sizes, please contact Melissa.

Disclaimer: Terms of sale

All photographs are available for sale without the digital watermarking of the artist’s name written on the photograph. Each photograph is signed by the artist with a non-acidic pen. The artist retains the copyright on all photographs and no photographs are to be reproduced for any reason or used for commercial purposes without the artist’s specific written permission.

Each photograph is printed only when an order is placed, so please be sure of your purchase since photographs cannot be returned for a refund.


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